Summarizing the Chiefs Season Since Our Sabattical:

I believe the last time we discussed the Chiefs on here we were headed into a Monday Night Football showdown with the Patriots.. As expected, our asses were handed to us on a silver platter by Brady, Belichick, and their stable of no-name running backs and receivers.

Since then, the Chiefs lost a close game to a Pittsburgh squad who had no intention of coming in and playing at 100%.  Chiefs sign Orton after Denver decides Tebow-Christ is here to stay.  They followed that up with an absolutely hideous victory over the Caleb Hanie led Chicago Bears, where Orton played on play, a flea-flicker, and dislocated his finger.. A real barnburner, that one.. 10-3.  Spanked by the Jets, lost the… WHAT IN THE FUCK?!?! The Chiefs beat the Packers?  Error, right? playing a cruel joke on us inbred imbeciles from Missouri..

Yeah right, like this lowly Chiefs squad could beat the fucking Packers.. Outrageous.. (On a side note, I was there with a Packers buddy who fell down four rows of seats, drunk.  The look on the senior citizens’ face in front of us was absolutely priceless.  Pretended like I didn’t know him, which was the best play I could’ve made.)

Lost to Oakland in overtime last week, and here we are.. Orton versus Tebow, for bragging rights of who exactly is the biggest zipperdick in the NFL.


Welcome back, cocksuckers.




~ by kcuncensored on December 29, 2011.

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