What to Watch 12/29/11


I’m working on developing an App that ranks whats on Tv based on a word that I don’t really think is a word, watchability, but figured this might be a decent platform to get going on.  Here is what is worth watching tonight in the sports world.

1. Washington vs Baylor 8 ESPN: Worth watching for Kansas City fans to see the guy who  might be our franchise quarterback.  But then again, Pioli probably isn’t smart enough to figure that out.

2. Mavs vs OKC 7 TNT: Thunder are best team this year going up against defending champs who have looked terrible.

3. Knicks vs Lakers 930 TNT: Melo v Kobe, enough said.

4. Vanderbilt vs Marquette 8 ESPN2: Should be a great game.  Marquette even though they stumbled against LSU is my sleeper pick to challenge for the Big East title and maybe win the tourney and go be this years UCONN.

5. Kansas vs Howard 7 local broadcast: Second to last game my cheeks won’t be clinched for.  Hopefully HCBS has fixed this Tyshawn Taylor dribble out of control into the paint and make a really stupid turnover.


~ by kcuncensored on December 29, 2011.

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