Kansas City Royals Outlook.. Per Buster Olney

I will admit, I’m the guy who gets psyched up for the Royals every year.  My hopes are high for a successful summer where the Royals only finish 10 games under .500 instead of 25.  Every April, I log onto my expensive-as-fuck computer that I don’t use for anything other than Facebook and YouPorn, and check the Royals schedule.. Eh, Chicago’s down this year, Miguel Cabrera just received his 12th DUI of the Spring, and I feel good about the Royals shot at at least contending..

Things generally start well, then the club falls into a lull in late June.  By August, I’m watching every fourth game they play, instead of religiously tuning in every night.  My hopes of an AL Central Title are generally dashed by July.  That’s the life of a Royals fan.

This year seems different.  Now, Buster Olney is a fucking douchebag who I’d imagine may be behind a Ponzi scheme, but the guy knows a bit about baseball.  He’s released his top infields and outfields of 2012, and the Royals placed 10th and 9th, respectively.  I’m not digging through the archives, for fear of discovering pictures of Jerry Sandusky with his cock out, but this has to be a first.

I’m optimistic, as always, but like I said, this year just FEELS different.  Legit shot, in my mind.  Pitching obviously needs to step up, but our batting lineup and defensive statistics will win us a lot of games that we’d generally lose.  My two cents, and two cents that fucking count, motherfuckers.




~ by kcuncensored on December 30, 2011.

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