Playoff Predictions


I think most of us here in KC are more worried about April’s draft then the playoffs, but I’m more pumped for some great playoff football.  Mainly because the Chiefs will most assuredly find a way to not lock up a franchise quarterback, but instead go head first into the future on the coat tails of a mediocre signal caller, but we will have plenty of offseason time to address those feelings.

I do think these playoffs are pretty wide open and by that I mean there are probably 6 teams that could win it all as opposed to having a clear cut number 1 favorite.

Let me start in the AFC where I predict that handsome devil up top will emerge as the AFC’s representative in the Super Bowl.

Wildcard: Steelers 21-10 over Broncos.   Texans 17-10 over Bengals

Divisional round: Patriots over Steelers 27-20.  Ravens over Texans 20-17

AFC Championship: Patriots over Ravens 31-23

I’m going mostly all chalk here.  Although the Patriots defense is just horrible, Brady will continue this onslaught of touchdowns to his two tight ends and I don’t see another offense capable of even coming close to putting up enough points to beat the Pats.


The NFC I see 3 very capable teams of winning it all and one sleeper.  Obviouisly the Pack, 49ers and Saints all speak for themselves as proven winners this season.  I also see the Falcons as a team that could explode in the post season much like Green Bay last year.  A popular sleeper pick might by the Giants as well, but with their secondary issues, they don’t match up well against the best or even their wild card opponent. 

Wild card: Saints over Lions 38-35.  Falcons over Giants 27-17.

Divisional: Saints over 49ers 31-12.  Packers over Falcons 28-20

NFC Championship: Saints over Packers 42-35

The only team I see still dancing to the Championship round that plays this weekend is the Saints.  I like them to emerge from a very entertaining group of teams that should produce some great games.  Green Bay has too many questions on defense and the Saints are able to run the ball much better in a cold weather game.

Super Bowl: In one of the most entertaining and high scoring championship games ever, I predict the Saints over the Patriots 41-38 on a last second led drive by Drew Brees who will take MVP.


~ by kcuncensored on January 3, 2012.

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