KC Locking up the AFC West for 2012 in January


Yea, I get it, Tebow won a playoff game against a beat up team that didn’t have its leading tackler, because Denver is so fucking high above sea level.  I think we’ve all been ear raped enough this week to know what happened, but that doesn’t mean shit for next season.  The Chiefs clearly know how to beat that team and the longer they keep Tebow at quarterback the better for everyone else in my opinion.  Now with the Chargers keeping underachieving Norv Tuner and the Raiders firing of Hue Jackson, you might as well pencil in the Chiefs right now as 2012 AFC West division champs.

How in the hell Marty goes 14-2 and gets fired and Turner continuously blows it with supposedly all this talent and keeps coming back is beyond me.  Personally, I think the farther removed you get from Marty, the worse the Chargers roster gets.  AJ Smith keeps letting backs like Darren Sproles and Michael Turner go and invests a high first round pick on Ryan Mathews, that right there shows you how much of a num nuts AJ Smith is.  As long as those two are still there and there quarterback is still suffering from a severe vaginal infection, I’m not worried about them.

Tebow.  That’s all that needs to be said.  Fuck Denver.  Even Brady is annoyed with all this publicity TebowChrist is getting.  Looking forward to the 24 point beat down that Brady is going to unleash on them.  Coach Crennel is going to game plan the shit out of Denver twice next year and they won’t be a problem.

The Raiders as always get the “What the Fuck Award,” for their most recent firing of first year head coach Hue Jackson.  A big thanks should go out to Reggie McKenzie for taking a team that was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of the last rebuild and just shitting all over that and starting from square one.  Good luck Mr. McKenzie, you don’t have much room for error on those 2 picks you have in next year’s draft, but I’m sure you will be able to nail your first pick as GM in the 5th round.

Now on to the Chiefs moving forward with their new man.  Yes, the Chiefs are dealing with a new head coach to, but this is hardly your typical handing over of the reigns.  The locker room already loves this guy and knows his style.  He knows what he has and what he needs to get better already so no need for that first year of getting to know his system.  With Eric Berry primed to come back for a huge year and Kendrick Lewis not having to do as much as he did this year, which by the way was a really encouraging year for him in my eyes, the Chiefs will have one of the strongest defensive units in the game.  Not only with what we already have, but guys will want to come play for Romeo so I’m holding out hope that we actually bring in some impact free agents.  I’m also in favor of taking Courtney Upshaw or D’onta Hightower and forming the best linebacking corps in the game.  You had to hire RAC, because you would have to be blind to not see how much progress this defensive unit has made in his two years. 

It appears are biggest area of concern is Matt Cassel.  With a healthy Moeaki and Charles coming back next year, this team can win the division with Cassel.  But to win more than that we need to find somebody else and at the top of that list for me would be Orton or Jason Campbell to come in and compete.  I think Orton made it very clear how bad Cassel is at panicking under pressure and not being able to read off of his primary receiver.  My best case scenario for the Chiefs quarterbacking issue outside of trading for a Peyton Manning if he is healthy, cut Cassel and bring in Campbell and Orton and let them duke it out.  Whatever the solution is, my blood pressure can’t take much more yelling at the television because Cassel didn’t turn his head and find the streaking receiver down the field wide open.  Watching Cassel definitely will not help me overcome my vulgar laden tirades I need to stop doing with a baby in the picture next season.

Either way we need an upgrade if we want to contend for a Superbowl next year and with this roster’s core of young talent getting better, I truly feel we are capable of being a dominant team with a couple nice moves.  We won’t be a team like we were under Vermeil when we went 13-3 by outscoring people and playing no defense, but defense wins championships, (although this year’s playoffs would dispute that.)  We don’t need a Joe Montana or Trent Green style quarterback to win, but we need someone who can go through his progressions and not lock on to his primary receiver and then flip out when someone runs his direction.  It’s not that hard to turn around and hand it off to JC.  If I’m a free agent quarterback looking to prove I can still play, I look at the Chiefs as the best possibility to succeed with the tools you have to work with in the backfield and a group of talented receivers.

Either way I’m fucking pumped as pumped can be for 2012.  I’m pumped for Kansas City all around, Royals about to dominate and now Romeo Crennel ready to take our defense to that scary level and win a championship so I can finally get my Lombardi trophy tattoo. 

For those of you who think I’m way too optimistic, you can go eat a dick.  Pissed off and no hope is no way to go through life.


~ by kcuncensored on January 10, 2012.

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  1. whos coming with me?

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